2 thoughts on “Pyramidal power pendant in silver and gold

  1. Wow — This glowing 3-D silver pyramidal has a dramatic apical dendrite and a hovering golden nucleus — ready for all manner of critical communications!

    Hmnnnn…It is well-known that pyramidals like to work in groups — I am sure this could be arranged, with a little help from Kathleen!

    Imagine a flock of floating pryamidals, each on a separate delicate neck chain — some silver, some gold, some dramatically oxidized — all with a well-chosen nucleus!!

    Gives a whole new meaning to ‘neural network’!!

    Anna Rose Childress

  2. this would make a great charm bracelet charm…many of the neuron designs would be stunning strung along on a silver bracelet…imagine the visual effect of so many varied charms dangling from a ladies’ wrist?

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