Birthday briolettes in garnet and gold

  • ONealEarringsFinished Feb 26 2016

  • 3 thoughts on “Birthday briolettes in garnet and gold

    1. Beautiful Kathleen!

      Your pieces are gorgeous. I love seeing all you designs. And so nice to see you are very busy creating.

      Here is what I have been up to: Have an ad going in this months Metalsmith Magazine and it will link to this website I thought I would hire someone to create the site for me but when I heard the price I decided to teach myself. Feel like I have been living in a cave for the last three weeks. The site is done and I am so happy to move on.

      Teaching every week…also.

      big hug, lois

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    2. Wow –> these luscious red fruits are truly seductive: “low hanging” from a golden branch — ripe and ready to pick! What a dilemma: whether to eat immediately, or let them rest briefly, first, upon ones ears!!

    3. Very fashionable. Robust garnets, gold, and pearls maintaining a beautiful demure presence. You know how to put it all together, Kathleen!

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