Dendritic quartz quartet in 18 kt gold

  • Dendritic composite pic for web

  • 3 thoughts on “Dendritic quartz quartet in 18 kt gold

    1. Behold! Delicate dendrites thriving beautifully — entirely outside the brain! They float, happy and carefree, in a gold-cradled, misty quartz droplet — a shimmery dark tether keeping them near — lest they dance away in search of their kind (as dendrites are want to do!). 😀 ARC

    2. What an amazing example of how the elements of nature can join so beautifully into a harmonious entity…and the deep spiritual lesson of such an occurrence in nature can be so nicely shown and shared by the person who wears this most lovely and astounding piece of jewelry. Let us all be in awe of such incredible things in nature…and thank you Kathleen for bringing this wonderful piece into your very fine creative collection.

    3. I discovered the existence of dendritic quartz here. How wild and fantastic can something like a mineral formation be? Like Curt said, let us all be in awe! Greg Kiger, Curt’s friend.

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